Flashback Friday — Falling Snow

This is a poem from this exact date 3 years ago, shared again, thanks to Fandango’s “flashback Friday.” I decided to simplify my posting today by reposting an old piece that you may have missed. Even I had forgotten about it. 🙂 The original post is here.


It’s time for another haikai challenge again, and Frank has us writing about snow this week! Living in a place where it never snows, I draw a lot on my memories of Christmases at my grandparents’ house when writing about snow. I have 2 tanka poems on the topic so far. They are similar, but I was not sure which one I liked better.

Snow falling softly
On barren ground, whispering
Lullabies of peace:
Singing, you may sleep sweetly,
I am your blanket in grief.

Snow falling softly
On barren ground, blanketing,
Cold yet comforting:
Whispering, “I will hold you
‘Til springtime brightens your eyes.


3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday — Falling Snow

  1. Oh, I can see your dilemma. They are both lovely and both express a different feeling in the last line, so on that basis alone, I would choose the second one for its hope. However, I would keep the first one to fit another theme. Great Tanka.


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