Wandering Lost

I have a Chaucerian stanza in response to FOWC: Direction and MLMM’s Saturday Mix, which is about using opposites.

Directionless she wanders, looking for
A signpost, to help her know east from west.
With growing trepidation at her core
She wonders if she’ll ever pass this test.
Must her hopes fade? Burdens must lighten, lest
Her eyes nevermore brighten. Soon she’ll find
A place to lay her burden — somewhere kind.

dark forest trees
Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

One thought on “Wandering Lost

  1. I think many of us feel very lost… like we lost a whole year.
    I just read in the morning paper that Italy was having a ‘third wave’…
    The photo was of one lone man walking by the coliseum (while I didn’t go in – I did get to see the out side sort of up close over ten years ago…).

    Thankfully we have a ‘kind’ internet community to communicate and share with.
    Stay safe and sane.


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