Depression, the Boa Constrictor

Depression, the boa constrictor
Slithers on the ground around my feet.
I thought it was kept in its cage
But it has broken free.
The boa constrictor slithers
Up my legs, around my body, squeezing,
It is a rope without knots
And I am caught.

For DVerse Poets’ quadrille Monday, the word is “knot.” It’s a versatile word, so there are several quadrilles I could have written, and this is the one that arrived first. 

13 thoughts on “Depression, the Boa Constrictor

  1. A powerful metaphor, Jenna. I think we’ve all wrestled with that boa constrictor at some point in our lives and to varying degrees, but there is no doubt that ‘It is a rope without knots’ and a tight squeeze.

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  2. Heart wrenching and beyond Covid, it will continue for so many as it always has.
    The unpredictability must be so difficult..
    ‘I thought it was kept in its cage”….this line is haunting.


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