Being Here

Today’s official NaPoWriMo prompt is to use one of the chapter titles from the book Poemcrazy as inspiration for a poem. There are 60 or so different chapters so plenty to choose from. I chose “Being Here,” which fit well with FOWC: Focus.  I might return to these chapter titles because most of them could lead to some intriguing poems! I am also sharing with the Writers’ Pantry. Happy Sunday!

Realize what the present gives,
Focusing on the positives —
Remember now how joy lives.

Tomorrow comes quickly, dear
Try to see that being here
Is opportune, as love is near.

Listen to the wind chime,
Taking some afternoon time
Making bouquets of words rhyme.

Though it soon whispers “adieu,”
The moment’s happiness is true —
More gifts are coming to you.

apple tree
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