Abhorrent Sorrow

Abhorrent coldness now invades,
Depression’s pressing weight has stayed.
Happiness from the brain leaks,
A heat source it urgently seeks.

This haunted house so often creaks.
In comes this perverse friend to me,
Chained and bound for eternity.

For FOWC: Abhor. Today’s official NaPoWriMo prompt was to write inspired by a post in “The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows,” and I might write something for that later, but now I have a “sorrow” that is not so obscure or mysterious, unless the mystery is, “How do I make it go away and stay away??” I try not to focus on sad things, but I can’t ignore this mess, either.

4 thoughts on “Abhorrent Sorrow

  1. SARK teaches us to try and give our emotions a new job so they leave us for awhile. Perhaps you could tell your sorrow to go count all the grains of sand on the beach and only return when the sorrow is less painful. Gentle hugs.


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