Moments of Clarity

This was inspired by FOWC: Blur and Writing Wednesday (which I, for once, am writing on a Wednesday), “commonplace.” For the past year or more, I think many of us have felt like the days blur together. I definitely have, although my life is getting a little busier / more exciting.

Although days blur into each other,
Not one is truly commonplace:
The meaning of each gifted hour
You’ll clearly see when you retrace.

Days contain significant steps,
Even without a meaning seen:
It is pure gift to have these moments
Experiencing life serene.

One thought on “Moments of Clarity

  1. Thank you for joining in, and I agree with the sentiment of enjoying every moment. For me, lockdown has changed nothing when it comes to my daily life but instead has made me busier than usual with video calling and things like that!

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