Fond yet Melancholy Memory

At DVerse, for Poetics today, it is “Blue Tuesday.” I was inspired by this picture, which I took with an old friend several years ago (the poem says 5, but it turns out it was actually 6 years and 2 months ago):


The blues of the view from the Huntington Beach pier:

Five years ago now, yet current they appear

The current of the ocean waves, greenish-blue,

Above horizon-line’s divide, cloudless sky, a lighter hue. 


It is the background of my smartphone screen,

Above which other blues, from icons are seen:

Apps like Facebook and the telephone cannot reach

Into the past, nor reconnect with that friend at the beach. 

11 thoughts on “Fond yet Melancholy Memory

  1. The alliteration on ‘m’ in the title suggests a meditative pause or wistfulness, Jenna, and that is what I sense in your ocean-blue poem, especially in the final lines. I love the shift from the scene to the ‘smartphone screen’, which confirms that this is a special photo, one you look at every day.


  2. I always have screensaver photos from our vacations on my laptop…but to have one on a phone would be great! I like the two uses of the word “current”.


  3. Nice to have your computer take you away to a happy memory every time you turn it on. Great idea!


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