What To Do When Feeling Lonely

This is a list poem for Poets and Storytellers United’s Weekly Scribblings. It’s a fun idea; I wrote 3 of these and decided to share this one. There are other, vague ideas moving around in my head, as well. The challenge is to make it poem-like, so that it’s a “list poem” and not just a list. I hope I succeeded!

Text multiple friends.
While waiting restlessly
Read, distract using Youtube,
Or if you can’t sit still
Find something to
Exhaust excess energy.
When no one responds,
Weep — even the sweets are gone!
If all else fails — sleep.


9 thoughts on “What To Do When Feeling Lonely

  1. I enjoyed reading this. I just finished mine, I wasn’t going to write but that’s what I do when I reach the bottom of my list. Except one drug I am taking for a week makes me also to want sleep.

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  2. I identify with your list, Jenna. I’m just about to video chat with my step-mother-in-law, which we’ve been doing since the start of the pandemic. Poetry really does help.

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