Nightmares, Be Gone

I almost forgot about this week’s décima challenge, so here is my response. This was also inspired by FOWC: Lucid. I used to have nightmares a lot, and they were mostly very repetitive. Eventually, I learned how to control my dreams better so that my dream-self would not keep falling into the same traps!

Scary nightmares are familiar:
Disaster coming, or someone
Dangerous, from whom you must run,
Though the threat is always faster.

Learn to be a lucid dreamer,
So that the monsters can’t come back,
So that before it fades to black
The dream has a better ending.
The rules from before are bending,
Of strength to change there is no lack.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image

One thought on “Nightmares, Be Gone

  1. Interesting. Nice poem. 🙂 Dreams can be strange. I’m not sure if I’ve learned to lucid dream or not (maybe sometimes.) My sister-in-law told me she had recurring nightmares as a kid about a scary character of some sort. Then, in one of her dreams, she confronted him instead of running away, and the character never returned.


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