I wrote this Chaucerian stanza last night. Emotions are extremely capricious, and the last few days I have felt pretty good, which is a relief. I’m sure the more difficult emotions will come back, but my hope is that I can practice being more resilient. Prayer helps. 🙂

How wonderful it is to be alive!
To open eyes to sunlight every day,
To rediscover that internal drive
Which had been lost somewhere along the way.
To live in peace when times become more gray.
The hope of “someday” hope will be enough,
To smooth the step ahead when road is rough.

Even if it is only one step ahead…

One thought on “Motivation

  1. A lovely description of feeling more optimistic. Indeed, I can get stuck in the gray times of frustration. But it’s very helpful to remember the good things we have, and know that frustrations can pass, as joyful times can happen, too.


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