Sailing and Searching

This poem is for FOWC: Search and was partially inspired by this prompt about what provides comfort. It is written in a form that I learned from Abigail Gronway at  “Dark Side of the Moon” a long time ago. Go check out her blog; she writes fantastic poetry! I am also linking with DVerse OLN.

I’m living on a drifting boat
A drifting, drifting, drifting boat
The captain looks for how to float
The captain looks for land.

The stars are like a guiding hand
A guiding, guiding, guiding hand
They shine out comfort over sand
They shine across the sea.

I feel today a gentle breeze
A gentle, gentle, gentle breeze
What we both search for, we will seize:
What we can call a home.

Upon this sea we daily roam
We daily, daily, daily roam
Yet light reflects on the sea-foam
Yet light will warm this heart.

I’m living on a drifting boat,
Yet light will warm this heart.

silhouette photography of boat on water during sunset
Photo by Johannes Plenio on

13 thoughts on “Sailing and Searching

  1. This is so beautiful and serene. Just drifting away into the moment, even if it’s unknown, that itself is peaceful; embracing the moment as it comes and the present, you communicate it thoughtfully and beautifully in figurative language. Amazing writing. ❤

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  2. The rhythm reminded me of being on a gentle wave, scooped up at the beginning of each stanza by the rhyme endings of the last one. Almost soporific. So lovely to read.

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  3. Warm and lovely. Well written RW! I celebrate the veracity and power of your words. May you continue always sharing only your authentic self — that alone makes you genuine, meaningful to read, and of worth to be heard! Síocháin!

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