A Modular Life

Well, in not posting yesterday, I broke my 2-month+ posting streak. It felt weird not to share anything, but I had a full day, and of course I wrote a few things. 🙂 Today, I’m sharing a haibun inspired by FOWC: Modular and DVerse Poetics’s prompt about risk. I looked up the definition of “modular,”and it made me think of furniture from IKEA.

I think of the furniture from IKEA: put the pieces together yourself, follow the instructions and you’ve soon built a table or a bookshelf. What if life was like that? How much easier would it be to have concrete pieces and discrete steps to follow? It wouldn’t be so messy, not many mistakes.

Maybe it takes some risks to build a life worth living.

in linear time
variables are dancing —
discovering more

13 thoughts on “A Modular Life

  1. I like the pondering in your haibun! We think we’d like more structure at times, with clear instructions, but the way our desires change, I think it’s cool the way it is in your haiku. We just discover new things as we go! We risk security but gain spontaneity! 💝

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  2. considering the errors I’ve committed following directions (IKEA or otherwise) – not all instructions are created equal ~


  3. I think life IS like IKEA furniture: you think you have all the pieces and know how to fit them together, but once you start trying to follow the instructions, it all goes wrong 🙂


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