Fruits of Our Labor

A haibun alluding to the solstice for DVerse’s Haibun Monday.

Sweet, ripe strawberries convey the taste of summer. Store-bought may be bigger, but nothing can beat the beauty of garden-grown. The sun from my own back yard reddens the fruits, which have grown from hand-planted seeds, just as this daylight has grown from the seeds of winter nights. Teeth sink gratefully into the fruits of our labor.

This moment stands still
Reaching the peak of ripeness —
Sweet strawberry juice

11 thoughts on “Fruits of Our Labor

  1. Very nice and so summery. I like “just as this daylight has grown from the seeds of winter nights.” Dad has been growing strawberries in a cold frame. They are definitely smaller than the store bought kind, but this year, they are the biggest he’s grown, at least a good bite.

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  2. How well I remember picking strawberries, and stealing an occasional warm bit of red wonderfulness, savoring the sweetness. No store-bought can compare!

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  3. good strawberries are the best. cardboard ones… not so much… lucky to have had more of the former, than latter – like this pen ~


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