Hope flows to the low spot

For SOCS: Hope and FOWC: Slope, and yes, I am quite amused by the fact that those words rhyme. 🙂 Not to mention, that makes it easier to combine them into one poem.

The mountain of lost hope
Has a very slippery slope:
All the dead dreams are piled
Atop one another, and exiled
Is any sense of lasting adequacy.
This place is Sisyphean, sans vitality.
Back at the bottom, once again,
Hope flows to the low spot,
Reminders of what had been forgot;
Patience obtains it most often.

3 thoughts on “Hope flows to the low spot

  1. You gave us a lot to think about with this one. I’ve read it four times already, and I see more clearly with each reading. Confession: I had to look up “Sisyphean.” It’s new to me. Seeing what it means, and reading about the Greek mythology behind the term, helped me understand your poem even more. Most excellent!


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