I wrote a ghazal on July 7th.

Yesterday I didn’t post anything, but I still wrote a few poems over the last 2 days. Although some most of my poetry is depressing, if I don’t write anything at all, then that’s when you need to worry. 🙂 After reading a few ghazals the other night, several of my own, new couplets were dancing around in my head, so I wrote them down so that I could sleep. The next day, I finished the ghazal, and here it is. I kind of like it. 

Has pain not been enough? Let’s see fate double it.
By God, if you’ve got a seatbelt, buckle it.

The gray day dawns expressionless and pale —
Is this another time to white-knuckle it?

Is that a cry, a yell, a sob, a groan?
It isn’t safe to show. Pillow tries to muffle it.

These cards she’s dealt appear to not be played,
Hoping to take the deck, re-shuffle it.

An act not possible. Her only hope is now
Revival. The weight upon the soul does trouble it.

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