In My Head

This was inspired by the Saturday Six-Word Story Prompt, “paranoid,” but rather than 6 words, I wrote a poem of 6 lines with 6 words each. 🙂 I kind of want to post something better, but there’s not enough free space in my calendar today to finish all of the poems that I’ve started today! 

Well, that’s a lie: my calendar is actually very empty. The only things on it on a weekly basis are Mass on Sundays and the library on Friday mornings. Oh, and some sort of poetry writing every. single. day. 🙂 Today, so far, I have started 7 and finished only one. HOORAY!

The assassin is in my head:
Paranoia doesn’t mean she’s not dangerous.
She has already wanted me dead.
Trusting such a one is perilous.
Waiting for her to strike again,
Learning to fight with my pen.

Update: linked with the Writers’ Pantry. 

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