The Mind-Stream

I am finally participating in DVerse’s prompts again! Today it is Quadrille Monday, and our word is “stream.” I also wrote this for FOWC: Lonely.

Welcome to the stream of consciousness:
No idea where we are going today,
Whether the water will be placid
Or choppy (how quickly I become lonely)
Whether we will swim blithely.
Will you join the current with me?
Hoping it’s a pleasant place to be.

24 thoughts on “The Mind-Stream

  1. Tis a place I adore, where words roll out effortlessly, where threads of thought are strung like popcorn on a string. I am happy to join you there whenever you ask; smile.

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  2. “No idea where we are going today”

    I sure can relate to that, hahaha. I love this and how you weave each word, it is beautiful and brilliant. ❀ Such amazing flow.


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