Ode to the Air-Conditioner

For FOWC: Sustain and the prompt at My Vivid Blog, “tops.” I am also sharing with DVerse’s open-link night.

Hard to sustain this August heat:
I hope the temperature will not beat
100 degrees, wish it would stop
At 90 tops — but thankfully
The air-conditioning runs breezily,
A saving grace from summer sun,
It’s glorious and helpful hum.

11 thoughts on “Ode to the Air-Conditioner

  1. Ahhhhh, I resonate with this. The heat has been hitting close to 100 these days, and a week ago, the AC went out. It got repaired the next day, thankfully, but that whole day was humid and sweltering. Makes me more thankful for that cool breeze from the air conditioner, even more so! Beautifully penned. 😀

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  2. I remember the days before AC. Mother kept the blinds down to keep the house as cool as possible in daytime. Most work was done in very early m orning or evening, and everyone sought a shade tree in the heat of day!

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  3. The temperatures are quite worrying at times. I have to use aircon sparingly as my kids can’t tolerate it. But I can’t tolerate not having it sometimes!


  4. We have no need for an air conditioner in the UK because we rarely have a heat wave. When the sun does come out we all go mad. Swimming pools, days at the beach, barbecues. To be fair I’ve had a barbecue in February before now. What can I say but it was 25 degrees and we were hungry.


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