Poem and One-Liner Wednesday

I’m not getting any good poem ideas yet today, so here is an old one from a couple of weeks ago, not yet shared on my blog. First, I have a random one-liner for Linda G. Hill’s one-liner Wednesday today. 🙂

When life gives you lemons…
use them to keep your apples from turning brown. 😀

This poem is a cherita, and I wrote it only a couple of weeks ago. I don’t mean any offense by this, just being real. People have told me stuff like this, and they’re trying to help, but it usually does not help….

Many Christians say, thinking about Jesus on the Cross makes

One’s suffering feel in comparison light. That there comes gratitude,
Understanding what He has done for you. And I’m not saying

They’re wrong, but there remain many days, when I might
Truly prefer to be beaten, crowned with thorns and killed
Than have to live with fears and tears, with hopelessness filled.

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