Bad and Good Luck

Today’s SoCS from Linda G. Hill is the word “luck.”

A rabbit’s foot isn’t so lucky for the rabbit.
Why would we steal a horse’s shoes?
Stepping on cracks — does that cause issues?
I’d break a mirror to be rid of it.

Walking under a ladder, bad luck?
What about encountering a black cat?
I don’t believe any of that —
No matter what, you could get hit by a truck.

One thought on “Bad and Good Luck

  1. I agree so much–the odds of being hit by a truck are far greater than the “effect” of any superstitions. I especially hate the superstition around black cats, I have one and I consider myself lucky. 🙂

    I don’t know why, but I feel like these things are meant to root fear into people for no reason.


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