What the Tags Say

The MVB prompt, “Tags,” made me think of how the eating disorder made me obsessed with the size of my clothes — the smaller the better. It didn’t  matter that some brands have different ways of sizing; if I didn’t fit into size X pants, then that was unacceptable. 

This poem is also for FOWC: Falling and for MLMM’s Saturday Mix, which is about antithesis (using opposites) this week. Linked with the Writers’ Pantry at PSU. 

Putting worth in the tags of clothes,

Thinking a letter or number knows —

Such a rough road, no smooth sailing,

Always thinking the wearer is failing

Therefore worn down, to despair falling.

Thankfully, a new way’s always calling:

No longer to sit so sad in shadows,

But to stand against what Life would oppose.

8 thoughts on “What the Tags Say

  1. We can lift each other up, especially when we can look past the ‘cover’ –
    Clothes are just a small voice in what should be recognized as a persons worth.


  2. This is so saddening, but also I am hopeful and glad you’re overcoming it. I think of why it is always “if the shoes fits, wear it” and never “if the shoes doesn’t fit, your feet are flawed and maybe you should run more”.


  3. When the world is seen through troubled eyes, then icons, symbols, tags become the signposts. Well some garments may say “one size fits all;” we have to embrace our uniqueness.


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