It’s Quadrille Monday at DVerse, and this week’s word is “linger.” Much as I like that word itself, I used the word “malinger” and hope that’s okay. If not, I can write another. 😁 This is also inspired by today’s MVB prompt.  

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When depression’s weight is on me,

When its tyranny wants to keep me

From leaving my bed let alone

This house, I might get accused

Of malingering — and so I am feeling

More alone, with many not realizing,

Despite shame,

I’m innocent of this.

16 thoughts on “Verdict

  1. This one really touched me. I describes those feelings so well. The extra weight and shame when told you malinger and should just get over it.

    May I re-blog this?

    Much love ❤️


  2. Malingering- does that mean malignant lingering? Truly I don’t know the word but if it is, it seems a hateful way to describe the true nature of depression. This one really stuck with me as I work thru my own and that of others close to me struggle. 44 words just isn’t enough sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

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