The Storms

This is an old poem, posted for Brian’s prompt, “Slam.” He challenges us to write something that “could be delivered as spoken word, maybe even at a poetry slam.” I wrote this poem on April 3, 2019, at a weeklong Christian conference after studying part of the book of Mark. Later in the week, there was an open-mic, where anyone could share anything, and at the last minute (literally, during the event), I decided to sign up and share this poem. Although I am still a novice at poem-writing and was even more so then, my poem was quite well-received. 🙂

Side note: I had forgotten how many notebooks I’ve filled, just with poetry! Not including my current notebook and any computer documents, I have filled 10 notebooks with poems (and my handwriting is tiny)!

The storm
Inside my mind,
About my future plans,
About the value of my life —
The storm
With my family,
Fear is now bigger than
Faith, because I would run to flee
The storm —
Which I must face,
To show what God has done,
To learn as I go that He’s in
The storm
Along with me
He’s living in my heart
So it continues its beating
The storm
Is not louder
Not stronger than demons,
And Jesus, Jesus — is Lord of
The storm.

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