Reminder for the Weak

Several months ago, I wrote a series of sonnets inspired by one of the pictures I had colored. I just finished another picture featuring a dove, and of course, I thought about the Holy Spirit. Then I thought, “Why not write another sonnet?” 😆 It has actually been a few months.

The dove of peace brings healing in His wings,
A comforting reminder for the weak:
A soul bowed down will find a song to sing,
Throughout his tribulation, let him seek,
Remembering the promise which God gave.
He promises not every trial gone,
But that He shall give peace, and He can save
The one who hopes in Him. What’s undergone
Against all odds can still be overcome.
United to the divine victory,
Life’s sufferings all mean more than their sum,
Even if earthly eyes cannot yet see.
This world of pain is not the only one,
The Spirit is the promise of the Son.

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