Walk Forward

For the Weekly Scribblings’ theme of “Forward Movement” and in response to FOWC: Consecutive, I have written a set of  cascading haiku. I’m not sure if this is a real form, but that’s what I’m calling it. 

nothing will happen
without concerted effort
and steps of courage

nothing will happen:
so many consecutive
repetitious days

without concerted effort
how does change happen?
existence stagnates

Those steps of courage —
time moves forward anyway,
have life to the full


7 thoughts on “Walk Forward

  1. It’s a good name for what I would have called, more mundanely, a haiku sequence.

    If you are wondering why no-one is commenting, it is because your link was flawed. But I have tracked down this post and fixed the link. Will also put a note in the comments on the Weekly Scribblings post, and hope people see it.


  2. Lisa, I picked a line I like, it is written cleverly, “repetitious days”. We’ve had many of those, shut in for the COVID-19. Things move forward now, but slowly because of all the unvaccinated and unmasked spreaders of doom walking around.


    1. A perhaps helpful note for you. After posting my blog with Mr. Linky I check it out to see if it working okay. Takes a little time but it has paid returns for me. I replace it with a retry and leave the bad one, the hosts will remove it; identify the new one so that fold will be using it rather than the previous one.


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