Holding a Grudge

For DVerse Poetics: “Halloweeny Humans,” we are challenged to write about an irritating human attribute (including one found in one’s own self) and make it have a Halloween theme. I wrote an acrostic about holding a grudge. Today at my women’s group, we talked about Divine Mercy and being merciful and forgiving to others, so that was already in my mind. The picture was found on the DVerse Poetics prompt page, and I just thought it was amusing.

Ghost from the past un-exorcized,
Repelling any attempts at peaceful
Understanding: forgetting a person’s
Dignity and worth, and digging a
Grave for any friendship that had
Existed — reconciliation resisted.

It's annoying when that happens :) | just randomly funny ...

15 thoughts on “Holding a Grudge

  1. Jenna, your women’s group sounds like a place where important topics are covered and a person can feel accepted. I like how grudge has been characterized as an active process. As a person who has been known to hold a grudge, you’ve touched on a tender spot for me. Wonderful writing to the challenge with good food for thought.

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  2. Ah grudges…. Not that easy to let go totally, truth be told. But we hold to the concept of forgiveness as we strive in letting go.

    Nice one!!!


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