The Widow’s Mite/Might

Today, the reading from the Gospel was Mark 12:38-44. Part of this passage is the story of the poor widow who put in a tiny amount of money into the treasury in the temple, but that tiny amount of money was all she had.

I’m not really happy about any of the poetry that I’ve written during the last few days, but today I wrote a haibun about this Bible story. Also for FOWC: Erase. Underneath the haibun is an acrostic for the MVB prompt: Prompt. 🙂 


The poor widow put in all she had, only a few cents, but praise from Jesus was her recompense. We do not know her name, but time has not erased her trusting action, which is for us today an inspiration. Her strength was in the way she set her hopes on Heaven.

desperation sees
only person she can trust:


Photo by Anna Shvets on
I like this picture because it gave me The Creation of Adam
vibes, which in turn made me think of trusting God.

Responding to
One given task,
Making some writing
Poetry or prose,
Taking up the challenge

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