The Time Is Now

Tonight, I really wanted to write another ghazal; I had some vague ideas in my head and HAD to work on one of them. However, I had no idea the theme of the ghazal that I wanted to write, so I wrote this. Absolute. Masterpiece. Hope you enjoy. 🙂 Update: linked with Friday Writings.

The time is now, to write ghazals again.
This haunting form — hearken, it calls again!

What words to choose to use for a refrain?
Mind on some repetition falls again.

And for the topic, what beyond the sound?
Upon the message writing stalls again.

Yet still I write, so poetry can flow —
Don’t want to let the writer’s block build walls again.

Ten lines of senseless drivel I will post:
This Sparrow shares her song just for the LOLs again.

a vintage typewriter
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on

Okay, I think it’s getting a little late now, and I should go to sleep!

14 thoughts on “The Time Is Now

  1. Bless you! I write a lot of drivel too. The main thing is to write. Whatever comes. Write. And write some more. Soon the drivel will turn to words worth reading and savoring.


  2. I learn from others, not just the words, the form, the process, the wonder of the how.
    Thank you – When I learn and it sparks something, I appreciate it all the more.


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