The Rain, the Paint, and the Writer

The other day I shared a rather silly ghazal, and today I have a more serious one that I think is good enough to share. 🙂 It is also a response to MLMM’s Saturday Mix: Double Take, where we write using homophones.

Clear skies fill up with clouds, gray and intense right now.
The forecast warned of rain, falling in torrents right now.

The fickle weather does whatever it wants,
Nevertheless, it makes even less sense right now.

Be careful when you’re walking down the road:
The massive flow of cars is prone to accidents right now.

This rain is acid acting as too thick a barrier,
Canvassing the perimeter, one finds a high fence right now.

Too much pain borne, and stuck: With all of this
Is it excusable to not trust Providence right now?

The hope is only this: that later joy will come,
Born into better life, although no recompense right now.

God paints life like a canvas, making a painting whole.
I, a writer, don’t know each color’s eminence right now.

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