Tick-Tock Talking

A late (but not too late!) submission for DVerse’s current poetry form challenge: the Wayra. I love trying new forms, and this is a short, 5-line, syllabic form. Follow the link to find out more and to read other wayra poems that are probably better than mine. πŸ™‚

always right behind:
unceasing tick-tock talking
just a quiet whispering
“remember me always,”
until all other sound is gone

round black wooden analog table clock on black surface
Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.com

The ticking of that clock from the other day has continued to inspire me. Not only did I write this wayra poem about it, but I also got a Chaucerian stanza out of it. Sharing it just for fun:

The ticking of the clock is prominent:
Once tuned it out but can’t un-hear it now.
It marks each moment as significant,
One second on, and then it takes a bow.
No one can grab it back, no matter how
They wish wasted time could ever return:
The clock’s ticking reminds us who don’t learn.

10 thoughts on “Tick-Tock Talking

  1. Time’s ticking as a “quiet whispering” reminder, even when “all other sound is gone”: a paradox of time’s passage and intrusiveness. I love the wayra and the Chaucerian stanza, Jenna.

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