Haibun: Thankful For…

A haibun for DVerse’s Haibun Monday (it’s been a while!), also inspired by MVB: Packages.

It’s not about what might come in little packages around birthdays or Christmas, not about what others might give me, nor even what I am glad to be able to give to them. I am happy for that moment when the whatever-it-is arrives on my doorstep, for that bit of excitement.

Each day is like a little, wrapped-up package. Some are heavier than others, with much sadness or difficulty, yet each also has lovely aspects added. Right?

no dancing in wind
skeleton tree raises arms —
see fiery leaves!


Photo by Marta Wave on Pexels.com

7 thoughts on “Haibun: Thankful For…

  1. Ha! A refreshingly positive haibun. I liked that style with the question, and the positive tone, very well done.


  2. The fiery leaves have fallen, the tree lifts skeleton arms, and the seeds of tomorrow lie dormant, waiting for the new life of Spring. Something to thinek about. Happy Thahksgiving,


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