Help me to be grateful

For Brian’s prompt about blessings, and I might as well link this with MVB: Thankful, too. 🙂

Help me to be grateful for the wind,
Although it blows with force all the day,
Let gratitude’s spirit not rescind.
Looking, and truly seeing, to find
A brighter point; soon eyes are opened.

Help me to be grateful for the ways
Days unfold, which I would not have penned
If I could write it: I have a say
In how I see it, with heart softened.


2 thoughts on “Help me to be grateful

  1. How perfect for our Thanksgiving respite from the harried, unpredictable world around us. I always feel blessed and at peace whenever I am in nature, as God’s spirit seems always near and comforting. Chilly or balmy weather makes no difference.

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