Thanksgiving Day — Sometimes It’s More Difficult

The strong Santa Ana winds were blowing today. Those winds really annoy me, especially because my back yard has wind chimes, so I constantly hear the chimes. However, today being Thanksgiving, I asked God, “Help me to find a way to be grateful for this.”

I suppose one way that turned to not-so-bad-ness is that I was inspired to write a poem. Another good part is that the winds didn’t blow the entire time.

Today was also an “interesting” time because people in my family got in a big argument! This wasn’t even visiting family members but people who live in the same house as me, so it was rather dramatic. The situation is resolved now, but one of the people was about to throw the ham and pies in the trash because he thought the day was ruined (I said, “Wait, I want the pie.” 🙂 ).

Thankfully, everything is fine now, and no hams nor pies were needlessly destroyed.

The days leading up to Thanksgiving can be fun and special; sometimes they are even better than the actual holiday, for me. Thanksgiving Day itself carries with it significant pressure to have a good time and to make sure you are GRATEFUL for ALL THE THINGS!

However, even though the morning was not very pleasant for the people in my house, the day was not ruined. We don’t have to be grateful for every single little tiny thing that happens during the entire day in order to have a thankful day. Sometimes, what I’m most grateful for is getting through those “strong winds,” both literal and emotional.

Inspired by this day and also MVB: Thankful and FOWC: Everything.

One thought on “Thanksgiving Day — Sometimes It’s More Difficult

  1. We had a Thanksgiving that exploded in argument one year with people storming out of the house. Fortunately, most years have been pleasant. Thanksgiving can be the clash of so many people, opinions, expectations, etc. as much as it can be a pleasant family gathering.
    Your last paragraph is so profound

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