Letter to the Future

For today’s Flashback Friday, we are going waaay back, to January 17, 2014. This poem is titled, “Letter to the Future,” and I found it especially interesting because now I am living in the “future” to which it is addressed.

Are you who I want to be?
Do you sing?
Does life mean something ?
Are you growing like a tree,
Branches in the sun,
Roots in fertile ground,
Nutrients to be found?
And have you met the one?
Have you let love live on
From darkest night to new dawn,
And have you seen and felt the rain
Wash away my fearful pain?

green pine branch in selective focus photography
Photo by Nina Mace Photography on Pexels.com

The answer to some questions is “Yes,” others “No.” Life is still better now than it was in January of 2014; I can know that for sure! Also, I love that the second question in this poem is, “Do you sing?” Younger Jenna knows what’s important! XD

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