Joy and Sighing

Yesterday was Gaudete Sunday, which means Rejoice, and it is when the third candle, the rose-colored candle, of the Advent wreath is lit. You can see an Advent wreath (not mine) in the picture below. That inspired this décima, for Ronovan’s challenge. It didn’t rain last night, but it’s really gray out today and supposed to rain very soon. Rain tends to make things more difficult for my emotions, but we’ll hope for the best. 🙂

We light the rose-colored candle,
Representing joy in waiting,
New festivity creating
While outside the rain is awful.

The dancing flame is soft, gentle;
I keep its little warmth nearby,
Although the weather makes me sigh,
The joy encouraged on this day
Appears in many other ways:
We are together, warm and dry.



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