For today’s SoCS: Resolve and day 1 of “Just-Jot-It January (JusJoJan).” Also linked with MVB: Ahead. I wanted to write a third quatrain, but it’s not coming.

Resolve to try hard every day,
And ask for help when I cannot,
Resolve with peace of soul to pray
Because God’s works are not forgot.

Don’t overthink the year ahead,
Today is a sufficient task.
There is much kindness done and said,
And peaceful times in which to bask.

I realized that I wrote about “peace/peaceful” twice, but maybe I just want peace that much. Besides, it’s stream-of-consciousness writing, so I can’t edit. Maybe people will finally find out what’s wrong with me so that they can actually fix it for good, because everyone’s tired of me, including me! I resolve to try really hard to wait and see. 🙂 Sometimes, it is so hard to do nothing! The prayers of my friends seem to strengthen my resolve, even or especially when I don’t even want that strength, when I’d rather give up. Yay (?). 

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