The Edges of Janus’s Face

(a depiction of the Roman god Janus, for which
this month is named)

I wasn’t going to post this, but it does work for the Rimas Dissolutas prompt at DVerse, which I was / am really excited about, and it’s not that bad. 🙂 I am planning on trying to write one in French because this is a French poetry form.

Bitter tears greeted the new year,
Shortly before she went to sleep
Grudgingly, angry at Heaven
Which remained far out of her reach.

The next several days seemed to veer
In a hopeful direction: Keep
Trusting God, see what He’s given,
Open to what He wants to teach!

She is writing this, sitting here
Happily, yet waiting to weep:
Unsure, yet becoming open,
For better times she does beseech.

And now it’s the fifth of January…. My intention is to stay positive, but I have a lot of experience with things being more difficult than that. When one was in such a dark place just a few days ago, one cannot trust that these happy and hopeful times are secure, even though one does feel gratitude for those joyous days. 🙂

yellow painted sad face emoticon on egg

I decided to share this shadorma, too. I wrote it after finishing the rimas dissolutas, and it is on the same theme.

We shall see
If this newness lasts:
See what God is doing now
But – torture again?

11 thoughts on “The Edges of Janus’s Face

  1. “…angry at Heaven – Which remained far out of her reach” struck me. I have friends that lost loved ones over the holidays so, it seems, even reaching Heaven can have its own harsh outcomes. I do hope that your hopefulness does lead to more happiness.

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