what doesn’t kill you

For One-Liner Wednesday, I have another line from one of my own poems today (😅), because I am really feeling it:

What doesn’t kill you makes you
Strongly desire to sleep a lot

It’s from this poem, written about a year ago and posted 6 months ago (feel free to follow the link 🙂). Not to be overdramatic, but I feel like, even though I’ve technically survived a lot, it still pretty much broke me. I’ve lost about 4 years of my life, plus the past 2 years of covid (and covid-related restrictions), which hasn’t helped anything. 

I’ll post a happier poem later today! 😊

4 thoughts on “what doesn’t kill you

  1. Jenna I really feel for you. You most definitely are not being ocer dramatic. These things make us feel like that, and we can only be as we are, and nibguilt attached to it. You’ve been rhrough a hirrible tim and I totally ubdeestand about Covid. It’s taken the last of the decent years of my life too, and I can never make that up. It)# nice to post happy stuff but it)# okay to posy the not so happy styrf too. Hugs Henna ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. I don’t know what you’ve all been through but at least you’ve kept a sense of humor, Jenna! I felt exactly this way as I slowly recovered from Covid (the first time was the worst).

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  3. You know intuitively what studies have just rated to show that what doesn’t kill you does not only not make you stronger, but if it happens repeatedly it harms you. It’s about time that this tired cliche was put to rest.

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