Do Dreams Count?

The Sevenling poetry form is pretty good for surprising / shock endings, (EVERYONE FOLLOW BRIAN’S BLOG — the prompts are fun but no one besides me links up!!) so I’ve got one of those to share today. I wanted to write something better, but we’re running out of time for the prompt, and as Linda’s challenge says, “Just jot it!” Based on a true story that happened this morning. 🙂 I needed to get up early and was worried that I would smash the snooze button on my alarm and go back to sleep for an hour (which is what usually happens).

Anxious about waking up early, in
Time for Mass this morning, I dreamed
Multiple times of waking up and praying.

Now I’m wondering if all those dream
Rosaries, chaplets, and other prayers
Could count, and be used to bear fruit.

Not unless I want less pious things to count too!

My current favorite rosary

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