At the End of January

Haibun Monday at DVerse is all about winter. Linked with Brian’s prompt about assonance because this haibun used a lot of it (I do usually like to use it).

70 degrees, skies only sometimes overcast — is this what passes for winter in California? Many places have snow and storms; this is much nicer by comparison, but today I can’t keep warm. I’ve tried both coffee and chamomile tea, huddling under a soft blanket while reading. Shortly I may decide to snuggle under my bed-covers and hibernate for a while.

a chilly morning
see some blue between the clouds
soft blanket of white

Photo by Tatiana u0410zatskaya on
P.S. I wish I had a cat. 🙂

16 thoughts on “At the End of January

  1. Ha, the shock of cold. It sounds like winter here in Western Australia, rarely below 50 f here in the south, and in the north sits around 70 f, I love the feel of trying to get warm and the proposed retreat.


  2. For some reason, a winter house with the thermostat set on 70 degrees is chilly. I can’t explain it, but I agree!


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