Failing the Test

My response to the current décima challenge is a dark one, because that’s all I’ve got right now. This poem was actually more fun to write than usual, since it seemed to flow really easily from my brain, through the pen, to the paper (usually I write things by hand before typing them). I’m not this low today, but this is how it is more often than I care to admit.

The life I have been given feels
Like a test I can never pass,
Depression a cancerous mass
In my brain, unable to heal.

Sneaky, insidious lies reel
Me in, convincing my weak brain,
Which seems to have gotten a stain
Somehow, at some point in the past.
How long can a shattered soul last,
And can it ever Heaven gain?

crop woman with burning match in motuh
Photo by fotografierende on

2 thoughts on “Failing the Test

  1. girl you are a woman now
    and how so blue sad below
    know aware
    to share
    the lament
    your life is not all yours
    tour the see
    and become the mystery
    we know
    is true so you
    other half of the sky
    is the main reason why

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