A Letter, Unsent

Brian’s prompt this week is to write a letter. Sometimes my poems act as unsent letters, and I sometimes have a person in mind when I write, although I hope my poems are more widely applicable than one person or one situation. 🙂 This poem was written on May 6, 2019. I found it in my drafts folder! I did have someone in mind when I wrote this cherita, so I’ll consider it a letter in poem form.


I’m a downer, but you hang out with me anyway.

I’m up and down for so long, dancing with
The moon, but I’ve waited for day anyway.

I’ve seen what I think is the pink, rose-colored
Dawn, which turns down to night; I’ve seen
Sirius, your brightness, yet say goodnight anyway.

I still remember the figurative and literal place I was in when I wrote this. How much has changed, yet even more has stayed the same. </3

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