Whatever happens…

“Whatever” is our prompt word for Linda’s SoCS this week. Yay, I started my post with the word, so I get the “bonus points!” The first thing I thought of when I read the prompt is the online rosary that I participated in on Tuesday. It’s on Youtube, so there is a chat box. When we got to the 4th decade (a decade is a set of 10 Hail Marys), we meditated on when Jesus carries His cross and how we are supposed to persevere in difficulties as well.

The meditations are meant to be encouraging and to strengthen the one who prays them, but for that particular one, it makes me frustrated. Easier said than done… and of course people know it’s easier said than done, but the bottom line is, I often get pretty angry about it. I posted in the chat box, “This mystery really p*sses me off” (I didn’t think it would be appropriate to write the full word in a chat about prayer, LOL!). Then, I added, “But whatever.”

It was very validating (to use a therapy word) that someone else in the chat replied, “Me too.” And nobody got mad at me for being honest. I do really appreciate my prayer-friends and the rosary in general.

Now, this is a poetry blog, so I’m going to write something. This is called a Juuichi, and I think the form was created by chellebee53 over at My Vivid Blog.

Emotions arise inside,
Together I hope
We can keep

My current favorite rosary

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