A Life’s Synopsis

A 6-sentence story inspired by MLMM’s Photo Challenge #406. Photo credit: Sarah Whiley

I have not left a note.
I have left books upon books, lines upon lines, filled with countless pens’ blue or black blood. This is my art, the canvas on which I have, with words, painted days upon days of this life.

While there’s still a little light to see by, I am piling every journal and notebook on this table, on this floor. When my soul has left my body, it will remain in those thousands of pages.

The pieces are all there for anyone who is willing to put them together.

Note: I considered saying sorry that this story is dark, but then I realized that I wasn’t sorry. Hope you enjoy this even if it’s not cheery.

15 thoughts on “A Life’s Synopsis

  1. A minute before my soul leaves my body, I am deleting my blog.
    And have left instructions for my husband to take a hammer to my computer. Smash it to pieces.

    Don’t want a bit of my of poetry and nonsense to be recovered. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Words are even more powerful than images. They bring a canvas of images to mind with meaning. I like how you described that the table was not big enough for the books and journals. You needed also the floor.

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