Humility Is…

From my book The Wisdom of Fulton Sheen, which offers a different quotation for each day of the year, this is today’s:

Humility does not mean a submissiveness, a passiveness, a willingness to be walked on, or a desire to live in the doghouse. Humility is a virtue by which we recognize ourselves as we really are, not as we would like to be in the eyes of the public; not as our press notices say we are, but as we are in the sight of God when we examine our conscience.

For One-Liner Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Humility Is…

  1. Well said, “as we are in the sight of God.”
    Humus or ‘earth’ as in ‘ground’ is what God formed us from. Adam or ‘adamah’ means earth as well.
    He knows what we are made of. He instilled his the spirit into us.
    Lest we forget, he reminds us that we are dust and to dust we shall return.
    Thanks for the quote!


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