I Told You So

I wrote a thing in response to several prompts. DVerse Poetics: A Little Repetition. Day 5.

Why is it so difficult to write
A poem,
Any poem,
When one needs to?

Because this prompting —
It’s not a need.
The need is:
I lose myself in the writing.
I lose myself if I do not write.
I lose my mind without rhymes.
This — this is an imposition.

My muse loves to be free.
My muse loves to shape-shift
Taking me on adventures.
My muse loves to surprise me,
And when I try to control it
I can’t.

My muse loves to say, “I told you so.”


P.S. I do love the prompts! Sometimes I just get a little stressed by them. That’s why this “interesting” piece of writing came out.

13 thoughts on “I Told You So

  1. I like the vulnerability you share in your anaphora, Jenna. If it feels forced it may be a challenge to push yourself, but it may also be something that saps your energy. Who needs that?

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  2. April is the cruellest month for poets. But this poem is a lilac, so maybe it’s worth it. Sometimes my muse needs a kick up the bum from a prompt – but I get where you’re coming from. I like your use of anaphora here (it’s a good trick to build a poem from, too), and I like the poem a lot.

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  3. I am SOOOO late to the reading and to the posting as well. Although posted on my site the day of…got to my late reading today only to discover I didn’t put mine on Mr. Linky. Sigh….it’s there now. BUT….enjoyed reading your response to the prompt. Made me smile and chuckle! Sometimes I call the prompt poetic sudoku prompts! πŸ™‚ So I get what you’re saying here!

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