Among the Trees

A six-sentence story, also inspired by this week’s WDYS prompt from Sadje.

Leaving her house, leaving her city — it feels like coming home, to be immersed in fresh air and delightfully lost among the trees. Do the flowers and birds live at the same ever-hastening pace as humanity?

This place allows her to, for the first time in a while, inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Her lungs drink in the pure forest air like a thirsty man after days in the desert.

What a wonderful and necessary respite — unfortunately too brief. She glances at her phone and sees that she has 3 hours before she needs to get back to so-called “real life.”

I enjoyed writing this little story because, although I don’t exactly go on hikes, I do greatly enjoy long walks in nature. There is an arboretum on the college campus where I went to college, and I would often take walks there, or even simply find a bench to sit on and relax next to the birds / plants / lizards.


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