Journal… Have fun reading

I’ve been nervous for today. I’m going to be all alone all day, and it’s really bad timing because satan hates me. 😅

In addition, my phone reminded me that three years ago today was a really tough day. Long story short, my friend knew that I was in a horrific mind-place, so she all but kidnapped me and forced me to hang out with her and some friends, watching Legally Blonde, eating pizza, and playing with a little dog. Then, she didn’t let me go home until I was 95% asleep. 

My phone reminded me of this by bringing up the photos of that dog. 

I’m trying to make this day good, though! At least I am reminded of how much that friend loved me. 😊 We’ve pretty much lost touch, but I pray for her every. Single. Day. What she did is really the pinnacle of friendship, even though I was pissed about it at the time. 

A poem will be posted later today. 

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