Cherita: Epitaph

An old poem for Fandango’s Flashback Friday. I’ve started 4 poems (and a 6-sentence story 🙂 ) today with no conclusions. By the end of the night, I will finish at least one of those, because I am NOT breaking my 5- or 6-year poetry-writing streak! However, that is not right now!

“Epitaph: A Cherita” (written 5/1/2022)

Here lies unrealized poetic potential.

You will place yellow daffodils on the grave;
She previously thought them obnoxious, but lately…

She admired their unapologetic audacity:
These loud, happy, yellow blooms
Exuberant, speaking words she entombed.

christian cross surrounded by daffodils
Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative on

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