Not About Hats

I can wear several hats, but none of them fits very well.

There are some that people say look good on me, but I don’t really like them.

There’s one that I’m used to wearing, only now realizing it’s not quite comfortable (though I should have known from the beginning).

One of my hats has a ribbon.

My life is made up of hope-ribbons, shredded into confetti.

Let’s throw it in the air and have a party!

A 6-sentence story using the word confetti, combined with today’s SoCS: hat and the MVB prompt: Several. Glad to have finally written something, even if it’s a tiny little story that’s not actually about hats at all. 

4 thoughts on “Not About Hats

  1. ..and let’s see where the wind takes those hope ribbons, and follow!
    Always open for a new beginning, a different hat…
    Well done, June!


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